FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions

("Foire Aux Questions" for the froggies)

"I don't have any wine cellar, is my life meaningless  ?"
You don't have a 300 years old wine cellar in a nice little castle ... Nobody's perfect ! Relax, we sell wine that have already reached their apogee. No need to wait more : no wine cellar needed.

"Usually I have bad luck, so I am worried that my order arrive destroyed. What can I do ?"
We use specialized polystyrene parcel that garantee an optimal protection against impacts and thermal variation. Also, we add an extra insurance on all of our parcels. In case of problem at the delivery, you refuse it and we send you back the order again (or refound you if quantities are not available anymore). And because here, at "La Cave Littlewood" we love nature and butterflies, our parcels are 100% recyclable.

"I would like to order but I am too afraid to pay online. You know ... because of all the pirates ..."
First, our website uses the SSL crypting protocole to guarantee the safety of your personal informations. Our payment modules provided by Paypal and Hipay guarantee you a second level of high security. If you are really afraid of buying online, you can also pay by bank transfer. No risk at all, you and your bank handle the transfer, and no bank account data travels online.

"I do appreciate wine, but I am not a wine expert. Is it serious doctor ?"
If you feel joy when you share a good glass of wine with a friend (or more !), I have to say that you have all the knowledge required to purchase wine and improve your wine expertise.

Just a tip : old vintages develop tertiary aromas, animal notes, undergrowth, mushrooms ... If you are more used to younger wines, you might be disconcerted by these types of notes. It is always better to take your time, and start discovering old wines with vintages of 10 years old then 15, 20 etc ... Have a gradual approach, and take the time to make your palate.

"I love great wines, but I'm not sure I can afford it ... Is there a solution? ?"
We have created the "Discount" section to highlight great wines at a low price. Here we do not drink labels ! These are dirty, damaged, sometimes missing, but the pleasure of tasting incredible wines is always present. And the banker is happy ;)

"Some vintages do not have many references, I feel outraged. What do you have to say?"
The wines we propose depend on our findings and the rarity of the vintages. Sometimes we find, sometimes not. You have to know that we try to avoid bad vintages, or "weak" vintages. Why ? I'm glad you asked. A wine that we described "not so good" in 1974 won't be better 40 years later. Because of this, we do not want to offer you wines that will be surely disappointment to the tasting. Hence the lack of references in certain vintages ... We like that you are happy during your tastings ... I have already said that?